How I work

My routine when working with clients.

1. Analysis

Project and budget info

You present me with project that needs to be worked upon and give me Your budget info.
I look into it from various angles to come up with a solution.

2. Proposition

Prep work and presentation – final pricing and delivery time

I present my idea on how to handle Your project and give You the final pricing and delivery time.
The usual way of doing this is to start working and give You insight on my test domain (typically I need about 1-2 days for this, depending on the complexity).
If we come to agreement, after You pay 30% of total amount in advance I continue working.

3. Publication

Once we are satisfied with how the project turned up, You settle the bill in full and I publish Your site (or present whatever the required service was).

4. Maintenance

We dicuss and agree on maintenance part which can be:
-custom made instructions;
-maintenance on need,
and which depends on Your project nature.